Magical Hogsback (Qabimbola) Online

Your Comprehensive Visitors' Guide to Magical Hogsback (Qabimbola)

Hogsback is a magical world of mountains and forests. It is situated high up on the Amathole mountains of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, and is surrounded by centuries-old indigenous Afro-montane forests.

Magical Hogsback Online is your comprehensive vistors' guide to Hogsback. We provide information on Accommodation in Hogsback, What to do and see in Hogsback, Where to Eat and Drink, and Shops and Services in Hogsback.

The section "Visitors' Info" has travel directions, maps and guides, Hogsback weather, and Frequently Asked Questions about Hogsback.

What is more, we let you "feel" Hogsback through the stories about Hogsback and its people in the section "Magical Hogsback"; not to mention our Photo Galleries.

Hogsback offers the ultimate break-away from the rush of city life - a dramatic natural beauty, lots of nature-based activities, and above all, silence and tranquility.

Use the pages of Magical Hogsback Online to see and feel the delights that Hogsback has to offer. And then, come and experience them for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Proposed name change from Hogsback to Qabimbola

Since January 2016 there has been a process underway to consider a change of name from Hogsback to Qabimbola. This is part of an initiative to change several place names in the Eastern Cape Province of South Afica.
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